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About Hope Seventh-day Adventist Church

The Hope Seventh-day Adventist Church is a community of Christians located in Bloomfield, Connecticut. We are part of the world-wide Seventh-day Adventist Church, which believes in the sanctity of the seventh-day Sabbath and in the imminent return of Jesus Christ.


  • Website Design
  • Blog
  • Donation
  • Wordpress CMS
  • Event Calender
  • Basic SEO


Wordpress Website | Blog | Plugins

We are specialize in making wordpress website, blog, create plugin, Customize plugin, social media etc.


  • Seo Friendly
  • Easy To Manage
  • Clean Coding
  • Simple to Use


PSD Template to HTML CSS

PSD to HTML CSS typically involves converting one's website in a compatible format that facilitates more appealing web page designs. This means that the design of a website is coded into a valid HTML/CSS mark up so as to facilitate cross browser compatibility as well as a range of other engaging features for your website.


  • W3C valid HTML/XHTML/CSS mark up.
  • Clean and Systematic coding that is table-less.
  • Quick turnaround time.


Are you trying to sell things online but you need help with getting a good ecommerce website up and running? You need to get a good site going or else you might be at risk of losing business. After all, only the best online businesses have the best websites.

When you contact us at HostFiniti, you'll get access to some of the best online development tools you could ever ask for. In fact, you can get one of three different websites set up for your needs.

Basic Site - $1700

The basic site option will be the key to helping you keep your website running as clearly as possible. This will help you to create a simple website that's easy to use and interact while helping you to collect your customers' information as needed. This basic web development plan includes the following:

  • The use of the HostFiniti Ecommerce system
  • Support for the first five products
  • A contact form
  • Payment gateway integration
  • A standard shopping cart
  • Monthly maintenance for the first 90 days; this is a $75 value that's yours for free

We can complete this project for you in about two weeks on average.

Standard Site - $2500

This uses a few more special features to help you keep your site functional and works well for high-end needs. This includes all of the things on the Basic Site option plus the following:

  • Support from a Content Management System from HostFiniti, WordPress or Joomla
  • A featured product section
  • A product magnifier
  • A live chat system
  • Shipping API
  • Support for the first fifteen products
  • Monthly maintenance for the first 180 days; it's a free offer that is usually $150 in value

This takes about thirty days to complete but the results will certainly be worth it.

Advanced Site

Our advanced site option will be useful for larger businesses and will include more features. Additional details on this service will be made available in the near future.

It's hard enough to keep all your customers managed without losing track of them all but we at HostFiniti have a solution that will help you keep your customers in line so you won't miss a beat. Our customer management service is dedicated to making sure you keep track of all the data you get.

You can keep track of all the data that comes into your website forms through our professionally-designed system. It costs only $500 to get this system up and running and you can use it to get all sorts of data controlled:

  • It can collect tax information from all of your clients.
  • It will also sort out billing procedures and record any payments you've received or have yet to get.
  • You can also use this to keep track of invoices that you might owe.
  • It can even be used to organize and store contact information

You could definitely benefit from our service if you run a website for an accounting firm, an ecommerce site or a law firm among other businesses.

You can even contact us for help with an automated mailer. This costs $100 to order and will help you set up your newsletters and get them sent out to all the people on your email database on a regular basis based on what you've set up. This can also capture data from your website's data entry forms and place them in the right databases as necessary.

Consult us at HostFiniti today if you need help with getting a customer management system up and running. The odds are you'll benefit from our services no matter what kind of business you are trying to operate.

If you operate a church or another non-profit organization then you'll need to be sure that you can get a website that's appropriate for you. At HostFiniti you can trust in our church website development service to give you a website that's appropriate for your church.

You'll get all sorts of great things off of our services:

  • A free .com or .net name for your church for a whole year; this is an $11.99 value
  • Free web hosting for an entire year
  • Free submissions to search engines
  • Unlimited design revisions as you are getting your website built

In fact, you can use our basic package to get your church site running. It's a simple package that uses the following features:

  • Five pages of development
  • A contact form
  • Basic graphic design and illustration
  • Content generation based on your suggestions

The things that you can get from us are simple and easy to use without being overly complicated. In fact, you can get a basic website designed for just $200. It's a one-time payment that will certainly benefit your site.

If you want your company's logo designed the right way then you need to consult us for assistance. We at HostFiniti offer a number of logo design solutions that will make your business' image look its best.

We use a special process to make sure your logo is drafted right:

  1. We'll take a look at the things your business does and how you want those things to be reflected in your logo.


  1. We'll then draft a logo template based on the colors you want or any specific parameters that you might send out to us.
  1. You'll get your logos designed in about three business days on average. We like to create at least four different logo options for you to choose from so you can at least get an idea of what you could be using for a logo.


  1. You'll then be able to request revisions on your logos. You can tell us to go with specific designs or to change colors, fonts or other features. You could even tell us that you don't like any of the options we've given you and that you want a completely different option to go with.
  1. Your finalized logo will be sent out to you in a file format that's easy to use. You can add this to your website, your letterhead, your vehicle or just about anything a logo can be placed on.


Our goal is to make sure your logo is as specific and appealing to your business as it can be. And the best part of this is that it only costs $49 for six logo designs from our designers. Consult us today for help with getting your new business logo set up!

Starting at
  • Free complete logo design research.
  • 6 custom-made logo samples.
  • Professional design
  • Unlimited redraws : Yes
  • Unlimited concepts: Yes
  • Unlimited revisions : Yes
  • 3 business card designs : No
  • 3 letterhead designs : No
  • 3 complement slip designs : No
Starting at
  • Free complete logo design research.
  • 6 custom-made logo samples
  • Professional design
  • Unlimited redraws : Yes
  • Unlimited concepts: Yes
  • Unlimited revisions : Yes
  • 3 business card designs : Yes
  • 3 letterhead designs : No
  • 3 complement slip designs : No
All In
Starting at
  • Free complete logo design research.
  • 6 custom-made logo samples
  • Professional design
  • Unlimited redraws : Yes
  • Unlimited concepts: Yes
  • Unlimited revisions : Yes
  • 3 business card designs : Yes
  • 3 letterhead designs : Yes
  • 3 complement slip designs : Yes